Computers and Accessories


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Are you in need of a new computer, or maybe even an accessory, such as keyboards, hard drives or network cables? Our company supplies the computers and accessories to suit all your technology needs! Our selection ranges from full computer setups, to spare parts. We have many different options available to choose from. Check out the list below to see what we offer, if you don’t see any computers and accessories you would like to purchase, contact us and ask (as not everything available is listed). 

Products We Offer:


‣ New or refurbished computers

‣ Computer parts

‣ Custom-built computers

‣ Software

‣ Monitors

‣ Keyboards

‣ Computer Mice

‣ Hard Drives

‣ Memory Sticks

‣ & more!



‣ Gaming computers

‣ Network cables

‣ Servers

‣ Switches

‣ Routers

‣ Modems

‣ Computer accessories

‣ Remote help desk

‣ Headphones

computers and accessories